I am not what you think about! | Zana Ahmad | TEDxNishtiman

Most of the people in the world want attract you to what they believe in it! but you can make your own way according to your beliefs.

If your beliefs were shaped by positive streams of thought, you’d be left with positive beliefs, monuments to your ability to overcome, achieve and succeed. Sometimes the beliefs you build can be crippling, though. Negative thoughts create beliefs rooted in negativity, like teeth in a dooming bear trap of your own design. In other words, beliefs are thoughts that you keep thinking over and over. Zana Ahmad Qasab, born in Kurdistan region of Iraq, he holds a bachelor degree in general surgery and internal medicine (MBChB) – University of Sulaimani, Iraq.

He’s a doctoral student in psychiatry. Dr. Zana is the executive manager of (Al Rawad) project for building leadership academies in the Middle-East. Co-owner and head-staff official of Training academy for consulting and training. A member of (Omran) project founders staff for leadership. He is the founder of more than 8 charity and investment projects.
He is a trainer in the fields of: leadership skills, ingenuity, expression, studying and getting high scores in High-school’s 12th grade exams.
He is the president and co-founder of IFMSA – Suly. This talk was given at a TEDx event using the TED conference format but independently organized by a local community. Learn more at https://www.ted.com/tedx



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  1. دکتۆر زانا ئەحمەد قەساب❤️💜
    یەکێکە لەو کەسایەتیانەی زۆرترین🌸💐
    خزمەتی بە کۆمەڵگای کوردی کردووە🌺🌺
    بە تایبەتی قوتابیان… 🌺

  2. چەنددڵخۆشم بەم دکتۆرە بەڕێزەوهاوشێوەکانی ،بەڕاستی کۆمەڵگاپێویستی پێتانە ،سەرکەوتوتەمەن درێژبن ،بمێنن بۆمان

  3. هیچ شتێکم نیە بۆی چونکە کەسی وەک تۆ دوبارە نابێتەوە بەڵام گەر 10 کەسی وەکتۆ هەبوایە کۆمەڵگایە زور باشمان ئەبوو خوا تەمەای درێژ بکات

  4. I think a lot about the future, but I know it's wrong, but what can I do? If someone knows what can I do, I thank him very much, because he can help me in the subject.😍🤍🖤

  5. مناڵ ئەوە ناکات گەورە پێی ئەڵئ بیکە، مناڵ وائەکات کە گەورە ئەیکات. کاکەی دکتۆر باسی خۆ ناسین و زمانی کوردی ئەکات، دەستپێشخەر بیت لە گۆڕانکاری و خزمەت کردنی وولات، بەهەمان شێوە باسی "فیوچە" ئەکات کە ئازایا قسەی لەسەر بکات نەك کاری بۆ بکات. ئەمەیش جێگەی سەرسوڕمانە!

  6. we hear them sayin we are not special cuse we dont contain special ingredients ….. the top 4 ingredients in the universe in order 1.oxgyn 2.hydrogin 3.carbon 4.nitrogin …. and the top 4 ingredients in your life/body is 1.oxgyn 2.hydrogin 3.carbon 4.nitrogin … im the universe your the universe ! , we are special cuse we are the same :)! ‌ just stick with what ya doin and have a fabulous day 🖤!

  7. He is very inspiring, when I have a problem I just watch his videos he really inspires me and help me to be strong , and I read his book it was best book for ever I love you Mr.zana thank you so much for everything ❤️😍

  8. خۆزگە دو کەسی تر وەک تۆ ڕۆشنبیر و قسە زان و لێهاتو لە کۆمەڵگە و هەمو جیهان هەبوایە بەڕاستی سەرسامم پێت

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