A Beatbox Concerto | Tom Thum & Gordon Hamilton Ft. The Bombay Chamber Orchestra | TEDxGateway

You may wonder how a beatboxer and an orchestra can work together?

Acclaimed beatboxer Tom Thum and classical powerhouse Gordon Hamilton show you exactly how, as they showcase their world renowned concerto for beatbox and orchestra, Thum Prints.

Together with The Bombay Chamber Orchestra, they deliver a never before seen sneak peak into this globe trotting symphonic project. At first glance, you’d struggle to find a greater example of artistic polar opposites, yet anyone lucky enough to have witnessed this creative alliance would agree that the two compliment each other perfectly.
Executing performances with some of the worlds most renowned orchestras, such as the Queensland Symphony Orchestra, Malaysian Philharmonic, Cologne’s WDR Funkhausorchester, Florida’s Imperial Symphony Orchestra, Nürnberg Symphoniker, and the Sydney Symphony Orchestra to name a few, the pair have been turning concert halls on their heads and continuing to wow audiences with this remarkable collaboration.

Simply titled, ‘Thum Prints’ this boundary pushing symphony comprises mainly of original compositions, wholly written by Tom and Gordon. Bridged by comedic interludes, it has the ability to be programmed as a full 60 minute show, or as a 20 minute concerto in a longer symphonic program. This talk was given at a TEDx event using the TED conference format but independently organized by a local community. Learn more at https://www.ted.com/tedx



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  1. I took legit 6 minutes to figure out that the guy beatboxing is Tom Thum… I was in the believe that Tom Thum and the guy beatboxing ar doing a duet and that Tom Thum will come out as a surprise or something. Bruh. His hair was too different lol.

  2. Ok, I'm good, but not that good! Totally epic! I still have room to learn so Tom has inspired me to push myself further to reach that supernatural inhuman sound wave that flows like water from such a great beatboxer!

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