Pornography Isn't Your Problem | Jason Mahr | TEDxCincinnati

Health relationships begin with letting go of what is unhealthy. Jason Mahr describes how you can let go of what is damaging and promote healthy relationships in your life.

that exists to help coach people to overcome personal constraints while
focusing on renewing the mind. With over 20 years of experience in
working in churches and counseling others, Jason’s desire to lead others
comes from the struggle of overcoming a 23 year battle in his life. The
struggle that gripped him for so long was released through a healthy
relationship built on honesty and vulnerability. No longer having to battle
on his own, Jason was set free, and now devotes his life to helping others
find freedom as well! For more information, please visit www.restoringminds.org

This talk was given at a TEDx event using the TED conference format but independently organized by a local community. Learn more at http://ted.com/tedx



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  1. this pastor never said anything about Jesus Christ,
    this man wants approval from another man, brothers and sister God is the truth and the truth will set you free.

  2. I think that is the shortest ted talks and also the one that hit me the hardest. Hit the nail on the head to the extent it brought me to tears. Thank-you for your courage and vulnerability in sharing this with us.

  3. Mad respect for him admitting his faults, especially as a pastor. Society tends to judge religious and faith oriented people more than themselves. No ones perfect. Don’t play with hypocrisy. Look in the mirror and tell me you’re better than everyone.

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    overeating i use for
    delsression erotic disappointment
    rejection insult by woman
    I denied society
    i have large quantities of food
    I did nofap for 20 days my only record and that's it
    march 2020 first lockdown and that's it as experiment

  5. I stopped watching for my girlfriend, due to a lot of sad stuff she’s gone now, but now I’m doing it for me. Stay strong everyone! No matter how hard life gets keep striving for the goals you set for the people that have left your life, because you probably told yourself you were doing it for them, but now you’re doing it for you ♥️ yes I’m saying this as if I’m saying it to myself but if I can reach just one other person going through the same thing, I’ll be satisfied, if you’re hearing this keep going, you may not see it but there are people who care.

  6. Thank you this was really good to hear.
    I pray that all Christian men who fight this fight find freedom through God and remain in obedience to God

  7. What I don't understand is why his life coach had him tell his pastor/boss and got him fired. What was the point of that? I mean it clearly wasn't a great move, but even if he hadn't been fired what would have been the upshot…?

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