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Many adults would like to play the piano, but whether they started playing in their childhood or later in life, they often ended up frustrated. This was not due to a lack of talent, but their approach to learning was not effective. Sven Haefliger demonstrates his unique, holistic approach which equally combines structure and creativity. Sven Haefliger started playing the guitar at the age of ten. Even at this young age, practicing guitar was something he enjoyed and was very passionate about. A few years later he began sharing this passion by offering guitar lessons to others. Sven started to play the piano in his early 20’s. He was immediately fond of the concept of 88 keys. He was intrigued by the possibility of playing something meaningful after only a couple of hours, even for someone who lacked technical abilities. Very soon he started teaching the piano to adults only. He came to realize that for most of his students, practicing is a struggle. This struggle was fueled by unrealistic goals, false expectations and wrong methods. There was no system made especially for adults to learn the piano. Even though there are thousands of books and apps – nothing seemed to meet all the needs of an adult learner. So, he created a framework to learn playing the piano, that included a balance of creativity and structure. This talk was given at a TEDx event using the TED conference format but independently organized by a local community. Learn more at https://www.ted.com/tedx



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  1. I'm 30 years old, a perfectionist who wants to become more creatieve and who's hesitating (for years already) whether or not it's a good idea to start to play the piano. I feel that this video is convincing me… Curious how much longer it's going to take until I finally buy one :).

  2. I wish you have a video to show more in detail your technique. And it comes with english subtitle for a video. I really want to learn. In your website is all in german.

    Thank you from vietnam

  3. This method is realistic and absolutely feasible. I enjoy the time learning piano in this way.
    Eyes, ears, hands, mind, harmony and rhythm – everything goes hand in hand, is easy to understand and just brilliant
    – thanks for learning this way.

  4. Thank you Sven, your presentation shows once again how useful it is to play with the Zapiano method to achieve a quick success.

    I am glad that I can practice and play with this method for almost 2 years.

  5. This is a truly inspiring talk; thank you Sven! Although I am still in a beginner's phase of learning I enjoy each minute when sitting at the piano and following your guidance according to the well-structured Zapiano method.

  6. Sven has such a nice way of teaching such a complex thing as playing the piano so easily and understandably. The Zapiano method is perfectly suitable for adults. I am also over 50 years old, I have been there since January and it is a lot of fun. You stay fit in your head, have always new goals and constantly new experiences of success. Many thanks Sven. The course is worth every penny.

  7. I have been a member of Zapiano since I have started to play the piano in early 2017. For me, this is really the perfect way to learn the instrument from scratch because the teaching method is unique and you don't need any previous knowlege. Thanks Sven for all the great work you put in this and for teaching me how to play the piano the right way!!

  8. Thank you for developing the Zapiano Method, Sven, it’s perfect. It helps me to feel and observe step by step through “Learing by creating” in a guided and structured way , how easily someone can progress , after years of frustation because of not having the appropiate method!

  9. A very well thought-through approach to start learning the piano, indeed! I have been lucky to find this speaker here (his name is Sven) to be my (online) teacher, when I started learning the piano as a complete newbie almost 2 years ago. If you consequently follow his idea and lectures (also known as ZAPIANO, if you'd like to google and find his course), the progress (this is my opinion, but other students that I know, agree) is quite astonishing 🙂

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