How social media makes us unsocial | Allison Graham | TEDxSMU

This talk was given at a local TEDx event, produced independently of the TED Conferences. Social Media historian Allison Graham offers a witty and ironic view of a society that feels alone together despite the hundreds of virtual connections we have online. With a global population growing up via Facebook and Twitter and a perceptible shift in human interpersonal connections, the constant need for social self-validation permeates our daily existence. This talk shares the funny and revealing insights of a life lived online and how social media is used to connect and disconnect us.

A graduate of Southern Methodist University, Allison has worked all over the country and globe bringing the written word to life on the big screen.
Allison has worked for Artisan Entertainment, Universal Studios, Paramount Pictures, Warner Brothers, New Line Cinema, 20th Century Fox, Miramax and Dreamworks SKG as Assistant Director, Production Manager, and Producer working with such titans as Jerry Bruckheimer, Michael Bay, Timur Bekmamvetov and Tim Burton.
She was one of the key business strategists behind The Blair Witch Franchise marketing campaigns, leading the team responsible for revolutionizing the way the Internet and film marketing were viewed.
Allison enjoys cooking from scratch, bicycle rides on flat terrain, conga lines and diving boards.

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  1. 1. How social media is disconnecting us

    2. When we go out to dinner with family or the couples are usingtheirphones rsther than engaging in a conversation – means that the ones behond the phone is much more important than the one right in front of may face

    2. the more we talk abt how tech divides us the more we demand from it

    3. we have certain vocab now, it's all abt texting (wtf, omg, lol) when we abbreviate our vocab, we lose our nuances, subtleties and intimitae parts of our personalities that make up our very rich vocabulary. And with the shortening, we lose and run the risk of tnot being able to fully express ourselves and communicate as we move forward. And that losing vocab equals a potential lost of being to fully express ourselves

    4. we can never go an hour without using our phones, and sometimes we'd go back and turn just to get our phones when were already halfway through our destination

    5. a big percentage of car accidents are because of teens using their phones

    6. we are constantly at work, constantly connected and constantly distracted.

    7. We're all supposed to know abt each other's lives because they posted it on fb.

    8. And what do we present rlly when we are on fb? We present ideal life, perf parenting, great relationships. We hardly ever give any bad news or copy abt ourselves bc that doesnt make for a lot of likes

    9. number of likes somehow equal our self esteem.

    10. selfie is rather a sad invention.

    11. we will be happier if u have hands to hold rather than keys to click

  2. I had lots of friends on Facebook, the minute I decided not to do it anymore, people didn’t even notice I was gone. It was way to draining, I was exhausted trying to keep up with over 1,000 friends!

  3. I wish I could delete social media but I need it for marketing so sadly I can’t, I just unfollowed people that make me feel bad, and don’t own many social media platforms

  4. if I'm being completely honest, I think that the world is changing and social media is becoming a lot more important than people think, soon I think it will be our new social life and the key to success

  5. When i first used the internet it seemed like a refuge for myself and other people who weren't that popular or successful. Then social media arrived and the internet became all about having lots of friends, likes, comments, shares etc and therefore humiliating for people who never had that to begin with.

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