Zero Equals One: Creating A Business From Nothing | Riley Csernica | TEDxCharleston

Riley Csernica makes entrepreneurship a simple equation, especially for young adults. The 24-year-old biomedical engineer explains how she co-founded a medical brace device company to create a job she would love. Through her own experience, shared with candor and humor, Csernica demonstrates how her sense of accomplishment and what she has learned along the way far exceed anything she would have gotten from an entry-level job out of college.

In just a few short years, Riley Csernica earned three degrees and started a company with her Clemson classmate Chelsea Ex-Lubsekie. With her Mom’s blessing, an MBA, plus two degrees in biomedical engineering, Csernica became an inventor and entrepreneur. Taking the design from a class project, Csernica and her partner worked with athletic trainers, orthopedic surgeons and patients to advance the shoulder brace device, developing an effective and revolutionary design. When Csernica isn’t developing future designs, she is involved with local community groups to support youth entrepreneurship. tarianorthotics.com

This talk was given at a TEDx event using the TED conference format but independently organized by a local community. Learn more at http://ted.com/tedx



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  1. Wow, I find myself resonating with her experience deeply. We have a similar background; I was rejected a few times from overqualification. Now, starting off with no network, no money, no mentors, no product, no background to flex, I'm planning on furthering a college project I see potential in to help people in hopes to make a living off of it in the future. I'm looking forward to incorporating our business with my friend this year, at age 21. Thanks for sharing this!

  2. I teach my employees to be independent in business for yourself entrepreneurs. The ones that get it always become better at what they’re doing. The ones that don’t complain there isn’t any good jobs.

  3. great women. you started that busniness form zero without money and expereience. good idea, I'll want to do something like you but I need someone else to support me. and I never found people who will support me include my girlfrind:(

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  6. So has this company actually gone anywhere in the last five years? Because google search results suggest the answer is no. "Creating" is to business as conception is to parenthood – the easiest step in the process. Not impressed.

  7. Just an observation… I can hear one of these TEDx Talks, male or female, and know that it's a TEDx talk. Everyone has the same tone of voice, the same pattern… Not saying that it's bad. Just saying

  8. Sorry for the honesty, but this girl didn't start a successful (or real) company, the advice she gives does not work and she's proof of that. She has no business teaching newcomers how to start a business, the only thing correct in this talk is that it is indeed possible to create a profitable business form nothing, but not by following these methods.

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